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51 Documents: Zionist Collaboration with the Nazis by Lenni Brenner

By Lenni Brenner

This booklet brings to mild, by using real old documnets, the desservice that the Zionist did to Jews sooner than and through the Holocaust.

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LB Dear Asher Isayevich, In fact I should have written to you yesterday, but I was so tired after my return from London that I decided to do nothing all day. Now I want to tell you that I saw Balfour at midday on Saturday. The interview lasted an hour and a half. Balfour remembered everything we discussed eight years ago, and this made it unnecessary for me to explain once again the nationalist formulation of the Jewish question. I gave him a brief summary of what has been done over these years, told him about the Sprachenkampf, about the Technical College, the University project, the Secondary School, Bezalel.

It has never yet been possible; now it is possible. A hundred—or even fifty years ago it would have been nothing more than a dream. Today it became a reality. Our rich, who have a pleasurable acquaintance with all our technical achievements, know full well how much money can do. And thus it will be: just the poor and simple, who do not know what power man already exercises over the forces of Nature, just these will have the firmest faith in the new message. For these have never lost their hope of the Promised Land.

In the first place, I observed people whose education had transcended the confines of our national life; people who had never witnessed even the "Seder" ceremony in their childhood, who had never in their lives been in a "Sukkah" on the Feast of Tabernacles, who had never played with a "dreidel" on Chanukah and had not succeeded in retaining their childhood memories even a single beautiful scene of Jewish religious national life. On the other hand, they did remember many repulsive and insulting things; there were some among these people whose parents too had been brought up in this spirit and yet when the time came there was something that awoke in the hearts of these people; they began contemplating their deeds and actions, they began yearning for a national existence and even drew near to same in order to study and to imbibe it.

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