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A collection of Data Science Interview Questions Solved in by Antonio Gulli

By Antonio Gulli

BigData and laptop studying in Python and Spark

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Linear Regression is a method of finding where the objective function is a loss function and is the regularizer factor. The minimum can be here identified by using the stochastic gradient descend or with other more advanced methodologies which are outside the scope of this introductory book. The code below is an example of Spark for Linear Regression. This image represents an example of linear regression and related regression line.

B) For each document, the number of occurrences of each word is computed and this value is stored in a matrix. Please, note that is typically a sparse matrix because when a word is not present in a document, its count will be zero. Numpy, Scikit-learn and Spark all support sparse vectors[2]. atheism category is considered and the collection of text documents is converted into a matrix of token counts. We then print the. get(u'man') 5. What is a training set, a validation set, a test set and a gold set in supervised and unsupervised learning?

Also many graph algorithms are already implemented in the framework. This simple code snippet computes the connected components algorithm. connected_components(G) 22. What is an Ipython notebook? Solution Ipython notebook is a convenient interface for executing Python codes directly from a web browser. 252 NotebookApp] Use Control-C to stop this server and shut down all kernels (twice to skip confirmation). 592 NotebookApp] Kernel started: 50260c3a-e7cc-426f-84fa-9ea630886103 Code This code fragment prints few circles and it is executed directly from the browser.

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