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Aggression, Time, and Understanding: Contributions to the by Frank-M. Staemmler

By Frank-M. Staemmler

Aggression, Time, and Understanding is the 1st e-book of Staemmler’s writings to be released in English. In the early sections of this book, Staemmler (supported via his Buddhist spouse, Barbara) comprehensively explores and questions the normal Gestalt remedy conception of aggression and proposes a brand new method of operating with anger and hostility. extra sections comprise in-depth examinations of the themes of time (the "Here and Now" and "Regressive Processes") and figuring out ("Dialogue and Interpretation" and "Cultivated Uncertainty"). From Staemmler’s "critical gaze," Dan Bloom observes, "concepts turn out to be refreshed, re-formed, and revitalized constructs so that they can proceed to enhance the idea and perform of up to date Gestalt therapy." 

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Htm#psy60 — January 6, 2007 25 An useful overview on Seneca's attitude on anger and aggression is given by Toch (1983). 5 0 ... A g g r e s s io n , T im e , & U n d e r s t a n d in g For as the marks of a madman are unmistakable — a bold and threatening mien, a gloomy brow, a fierce expression, a hurried step, restless hands, an altered color, a quick and more violent breathing — so likewise are the marks of the angry man; his eyes blaze and sparkle, his whole face is crimson with the blood that surges from the lowest depths of the heart, his lips quiver, his teeth are clenched, his hair bristles and stands on end, his breathing is forced and harsh, his joints crack from writhing, he groans and bellows, bursts out into speech with scarcely intelligible words, strikes his hands together continually, and stamps the ground with his feet; his whole body is excited and "performs great angry threats;" it is an ugly and horrible picture of distorted and swollen frenzy.

K5gler 1992, p. 12 We do not need to specify the negative consequences for other people that result from a mentality like this, but we would like to mention only in passing the consequences that this mentality — " . . replenish the earth, and subdue it: and have dominion. . " — has already had in respect to our ecology (see Fisher 2002). The individualist point of view may appear unproblematic as long as we are thinking of aggression in its merely functional sense; above we have described the 12 We have already quoted: "Aggression is the 'step toward' the object of appetite or hostility," write Peris et al.

55,70). n A recent example is given by Votsmeier-R5hr (2004, pp. ). — In the rare cases, in which a human being is taken as an example for the "object" of assimilation (see, for instance, Petzold, 1973, p. 28), this person indeed only functions as an object (in this case not as the object of hunger, but as that of sexual desire). For fairness's sake it needs to be added that Petzold has put forward different opinions in later publications. 30 ... Ag g r e s s io n , T im e , & U n d e r s t a n d in g o f the Gestalt perspective itself...

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