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André Gorz and the Sartrean Legacy: Arguments for a by Finn Bowring

By Finn Bowring

A accomplished and scholarly exploration of the private and philosophical origins of André Gorz's paintings, this booklet encompasses a designated research of his early untranslated texts, in addition to severe dialogue of his courting to the paintings of Husserl, Sartre, Merleau-Ponty, Marx and Habermas. Reassessing pivotal notions resembling the 'lifeworld' and the 'subject', it argues that Gorz has pioneered a person-centred social idea during which the cause and which means of social critique is firmly rooted in people's lived adventure.

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A stranger to all nations, to all cultures, this nobody excluded from all groups was condemned to create his own certainties, and as, for lack of any cultural belonging, he had been given neither the basis nor the tools for this creation, he had to justify everything he propounded in order to be able to propound anything at all . . Not being trained to do anything which might be identifiable, all attitudes, all forms of action and of existence seemed to him to have the same exteriority and to be equally illegitimate.

This is a condition most vividly described by the protagonist in Sartre’s novel of the same name, where physical objects like bodies and trees are revealed as the ‘soft, monstrous masses’ of a grotesque vegetable world comprised of palpitating flesh and geological crevices, where hands become ‘fat maggots’ and the distinctiveness of familiar objects gives way to the amorphous and disordered presence of naked and nameless being. Facticity and bad faith To complete this introductory sketch of Sartre’s existentialism we must consider four further concepts.

The question is to know whether, as Sartre says, there are only men and things or whether there is also the interworld, which we call history, symbolism, truth-to-be-made’ (1974a: 200). In Merleau-Ponty’s view, man is everywhere, inscribed on all the walls and in all the social apparatuses made by him. Men can see nothing about them that is not in their image. They therefore do not at every moment have to reassemble and recreate themselves out of an absurd multiplicity; 28 André Gorz and the Sartrean Legacy everything speaks to them of themselves, and this is why there is no sense in asking whether the movement comes from them or from things .

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