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Animal Presences by James Hillman

By James Hillman

Uniform variation of the Writings of James Hillman, quantity 9

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What must be heard? Witnessing this bear, to what is the woman bearing witness? And now a fourth dream of a polar bear, this time from a man: I am hunting a white polar bear in very cold wilderness, making every effort to kill it. After several vain attempts, the white polar bear and I become friendly. It should be noted that although the atmosphere was a pure, clear cold, I was not wearing heavy clothing. Suddenly, I am drowning in the middle of a lake as my brother and the polar bear watch from the shore.

Suddenly I realize that on my left, as if hidden in a grotto just underneath the shore, is an enormous fish. It is black and facing the open water. A man connected with the place remarks that it is, or is not, dangerous. On waking, I was a bit scared The fish was dangerous. Maybe the eagles will catch the fish. Here, as in the fishing-boat dream, light and darkness, sky and water, eagle and fish belong in the same image. In both dreams the dreamer expects the eagle to catch the fish, envisioning them as opposed.

What is this double bear still sitting, sitting still under water? A Jewish legend says that each animal species has a corresponding one in the water. Is this bear in the water the bear that did not get into the ark? Why does this bear sit there in the waters below? Who is this bear? Why must they see it? Another polar-bear dream from a woman in her thirties: A polar bear is after me. I am terrified and try to close a door to keep him out. A man goes after him, and then I see the bear come back, hurt.

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