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Asian Settler Colonialism: From Local Governance to the by Candace Fujikane, Jonathan Y. Okamura

By Candace Fujikane, Jonathan Y. Okamura

Asian Settler Colonialism is a groundbreaking assortment that examines the jobs of Asians as settlers in Hawai'i. participants from quite a few fields and disciplines examine points of Asian settler colonialism to demonstrate its varied operations and effect on local Hawaiians. Essays variety from analyses of jap, Korean, and Filipino payment to debts of Asian settler practices within the legislature, the criminal business advanced, and the U.S. army to opinions of Asian settlers' claims to Hawai'i in literature and the visible arts.

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In such cases, Asian settlers are unaware of the ways they are motivated by their own settler interests. As Trask argues in her essay, The position of “ally” is certainly engaged in by many non-Natives all over the world. . But the most critical need for non-Native allies is in the area of support for Hawaiian self-determination. Defending Hawaiian sovereignty is only beneficial when non-Natives play the roles assigned to them by Natives. Put another way, nationalists always need support, but they must be the determining voice in the substance of that support and how, and under what circumstances, it applies.

In their arguments we can see the complex significance of land as an ancestor that unites the Hawaiian people while feeding and sustaining their anticolonial resistance. ” The term ‘aipōhaku is not used lightly. . The eating of stones is not smooth and easy. Gleaning sustenance from them does not make you fat like the kōlea bird that visits Hawai‘i each winter. But as such unyielding, solid creatures, pōhaku are also the hardened, congealed essence of Papa herself and of the land that makes us kānaka.

When my ancestors arrived, they entered into a colonial space. Today is no different—we remain Asian settlers in a colonial space. 74 Asian settlers may not be able to identify with the Asian homelands many of them have never seen, but that does not change their condition in Hawai‘i: in this colonized location, they are settlers in another’s homeland. In the present political moment, Asian settlers can no longer claim ignorance of the colonial subjugation of Hawaiians. I turn now to substantive evidence of the political power that Asians exercise in Hawai‘i in order to provide the larger context for the contributors’ critiques of Asian settler colonial administration.

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