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ASP programming for the absolute beginner by John W. Gosney

By John W. Gosney

While you are new to programming with ASP and are searhing for a fantastic advent, this can be the publication for you. constructed through computing device technology professors, Microsoft ASP.NET Programming for absolutely the newbie teaches the rules of programming via uncomplicated video game construction. you'll gather the abilities that you just desire for more effective ASP programming functions and should learn the way those talents might be positioned to take advantage of in genuine global eventualities. better of all, by the point you end this e-book, it is possible for you to to use the elemental ideas you might have realized to the subsequent programming language you take on.

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4. 11). 5. The next screen asks you which components you want to install. 10 The Personal Web Server installation welcome screen. 11 Regardless of whether you have installed PWS in the past, click Add/ Remove. 12. You don’t need them to use the PWS effectively. Also, they take up precious space on your computer. 6. Click Next. When the installation process is complete, a message appears, asking you to restart your computer. Go ahead and restart your machine at this time. HINT Untitled-4 Given that you are a savvy computer user, what I’m about to say will come as no surprise, but I’m going to say it anyway: the Windows operating system (any flavor of it) can be a fickle, frustrating piece of software to work with.

3. A third variable, WeatherCheck (a variable of the integer subtype, by the way) is set to 2. You will find that as you program, you assign various test variables so that depending on the value they are assigned, a specific condition will be true or false. In this example (and as you will see in a moment), a value of 2 for this variable indicates bad weather. A value of 1 could indicate good weather. 4. THEN statement comes into play. In this example, IF the WeatherCheck variable has been set to 2, THEN the value assigned to the Bad_Weather variable is displayed, via the <%=Bad_Weather%> statement.

In simple English, you can read it as IF the weather is bad, THEN we'll go to the movies. ELSE we will go to the park. Note that you still need the closing END IF statement. THEN statements so that you evaluate a variety of conditions, based on the programming rules you set. 8 If the WeatherCheck variable is set to something other than 2, the condition for bad weather, this message is displayed. asp <% Test_Variable_A=1 RecordName_A="Pretzel Logic" RecordName_B="Aja" Test_Variable_B=2 IF Test_Variable_A=1 THEN IF Test_Variable_B=2 THEN %> My favorite record has the title of <%=RecordName_A%> <% ELSE %> My favorite record has the title of <%=RecordName_B%> <% END IF END IF %> Now see what’s happening in this code: 1.

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