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Astro Cycles and Speculative Markets by L. J. Jensen

By L. J. Jensen

Initially released in 1935 this booklet is an actual vintage together with of the simplest "How-To" books on monetary Astrology ever written mixed into one quantity. Over fifty years of analysis, learn, and genuine software of his options within the inventory and commodity markets have confirmed Jensen to be one of many maximum astro-economic analysts of all time. Concise and to the purpose, the tools proven during this publication are getting used this present day via probably the most winning deepest investors, and big businesses.

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Pisces 4', 17". PLANETARY TIME PERIODS TO PROGRESS A RADIX FIGURE WHEN AN EPHEMERIS IS NOT AVAILABLE (Note section on Progressions and Transits in this manual) Years 1 Moon--4 years Mercury-10 years V e n u e 8 years Sun-19 years Mars-15 years Jupiter-12 years S a t u r n 4 0 years Uranus-90 years Neptune--180 years TO CALCULATE THE PART OF FORTUNE 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9 10 Arc Months Arc Days 0 59' 08" 1 4' 45" 1 1 58' 17" 2 9' 51" 2 2 57' 25" 3 14' 47" 3 3 56' 33" 4 19' 43" 4 4 55' 42" 5 24' 38" 5 5 54' 50" 6 29' 34" 6 6 53' 58" 7 34' 30" 7 8 39' 26" 8 7 53' 07" 8 52' 15" 9 44' 21" 9 9 51' 23" 10 49' 17" 10 Compute Moon's rate: 13' 10' 35' per year Arc 0' 10" 0' 20" 0' 30" 0' 39" 0' 49" 0' 59" 1' 09" 1' 19" 1' 29" 1' 39" Add to the Longitude of the Moon the Longitude of the Ascendant and subtract the longitude of the Sun from the total.

Statistical items bear on problems of market prices, but markets boom and crash before such news is available. Market charts usually signal important changes. They are keys to the factors of supply and demand which operate in every market. Market technicalities, as registered on charts, take first place in all forms of market interpretation. Over recent years, a great deal of material has been published on methods of charting market statistics. Much of the material is of great value; but, principally to illustrate the record of the past or to estimate current technical conditions.

Private Capitalism and Free Enterprise were more and more coming under political control through rules of a bureaucratic structure. It was the principal index to the panic liquidation of 1973 and 1974 69 discussed in the foregoing. Tu~iter - * and Saturn in business and finance for over a century it has been more complicated since World War 11. Another useful factor applied to the interpretive procedures in the foregoing is to use the cycle data of the Moon's Node. The symbol in the ephemeris of the Moon's Node is ( 0).

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