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ATARI BASIC Learning by Using by Thomas C. Rowley

By Thomas C. Rowley

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The tabs are normally set 10 spaces apart. This can be changed with a POKE to address 201. Try this. a) Press SYSTEM RESET b) Press the TAB key several times and note the movement. c) Type POKE 201,18 d) Press the TAB key several times again and note the movement of the cursor. 3. Write a program that prints random numbers in 3 columns tabbed at positions 15, 30 and 35 . Key Control This subroutine is used to convert all key entries to upper-case normal video. This demonstration is designed to accept one character at a time by a GET statement.

30 55 60 70 X=0 :C=0 IF PTRIG(0) =0 THEN C=C+l COLOR C+l :PLOT X,10 COLOR C:PLOT Xl,10 4. Try this program in 2 dimensions by adding another paddle for vertical movement. 24 Joystick Drawing Use the joystick to draw on the screen. Here is a diagram ofthe values the computer returns to STICK(O). 5 Values of STICK(O) 14 )-------7 11--------------; 5 9 13 10 REM JOYSTICK DRAWING 50 REM SET UP SCREEN 60 GRAPHICS 3+16 70 X=19:Y=9 75 COLOR 1 80 PLOT X,Y 100 REM STICK POSITION 110 Z=STICK(0) 120 REM SCREEN POSITION 130 X=X+«Z=5)+(Z=7)+(Z=6)) 25 140 150 160 170 180 190 X=X-«Z=10)+(Z=11)+(Z=9» IF X<0 OR X>39 THEN X=39*(X>39) Y=Y-«Z=5)+(Z=9)+Z=13» Y=Y-«Z=6)+(Z=14)+(Z=10» IF Y<0 OR 7>23 THEN Y=23*(Y>23) · GOTO 80 The stick position is read in line 110.

A single POKE in line 1500 changes the horizontal position. Suggestions: 1. Change the vertical position of the player 1~9~ 2. FOR N=5~ TO 78 Change the color in line 1040 1~4~ POKE 7~4,134 Note, to calculate a color, multiply a BASIC color by 16 and add the luminance value. For example, SETCOLOR 0,12,8 translates to a color of 12*16+8=200. 3. Change the size of the player. 1~42 POKE 53256,3 2 = normal size, 1 = double width, 3 = quadruple width 4. Change the Data in line 1200 for a different shape.

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