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Atlas of Musculoskeletal Ultrasound Anatomy by Mike Bradley, Paul O'Donnell

By Mike Bradley, Paul O'Donnell

Atlas of Musculoskeletal Ultrasound Anatomy presents a vital grounding in general ultrasound anatomy, permitting the reader to evaluate no matter if anatomy is disrupted via damage or affliction. The ebook is dependent systematically, with all generally imaged components illustrated by way of prime quality ultrasound scans with accompanying concise descriptive textual content. positive factors of the second one version: • Over a hundred person anatomical descriptions • a number of new photos from the newest new release ultrasound machines • enhanced floor anatomy diagrams indicating limb and probe optimum positions for every zone of anatomy • a variety of radiographic anatomical diagrams exhibiting ultrasound probe overlying the anatomical constitution for greater visible realizing Atlas of Musculoskeletal Ultrasound Anatomy appeals to quite a lot of practitioners who have to visualize the musculoskeletal process to diagnose accidents or find blood vessels or nerves whereas project scientific tactics. Radiologists, sonographers, anaesthetists, physiotherapists, rheumatologists, and orthopaedic surgeons will locate this a useful functional reference.

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Probe longitudinal over supraspinatus whilst abducting and adducting arm. This can be performed either from the front or back. Shoulder Trapezius Clavicle Posterior Anterior Supraspinatus Fig. 9. Surface and radiographic anatomy of supraspinatus muscle. TS, probe medial to AC joint. 35 Chapter 2: Upper limb Coracoacromial ligament Lateral Acromion process Deltoid muscle Medial Coracoid process Fig. 10. Surface and radiographic anatomy of coracoacromial ligament. LS, probe longitudinal to ligament (transverse oblique to shoulder), with shoulder neutral.

They originate proximal to the CEO, from the lateral supracondylar ridge of the humerus. Brachioradialis  Origin: lateral supracondylar ridge of humerus.  Insertion: lateral aspect distal radius. Extensor carpi radialis longus  Origin: lateral supracondylar ridge of humerus.  Insertion: dorsal surface base of index finger metacarpal. 49 Chapter 2: Upper limb Common extensor tendon Distal Proximal Lateral epicondyle of humerus Capitellum Radial head Fig. 22. Surface and radiographic anatomy lateral elbow.

Forms part of the posterior wall of axilla. Deltoid muscle Lateral Biceps tendon and groove Medial Lesser tuberosity Subscapularis tendon Deltoid muscle Lateral Medial Subscapularis tendon Humerus: lesser tuberosity and head Subscapularis muscle Coracoid process Fig. 5. Surface and radiographic anatomy of subscapularis tendon. LS, probe longitudinal to the subscapularis muscle (transverse to anterior shoulder), arm externally rotated with elbow kept against chest wall. Dynamic examination using internal and external rotation of the glenohumeral joint.

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