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Background of the Middle East by Ernest Jackh

By Ernest Jackh

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C. ), ( 149-146 measures to counter once West and the East. In Rome destroyed Carthage 53 THE MIDDLE EAST and proclaimed Africa a Roman province. C. ) Greece was put under the supervision of the governor of Macedonia until at last it attained pro- to .

Moreover, if we are to believe stray Egyptian papyri, some Hebrews had remained in the Nile Valley long after the majority's Exodus. There also were Jewish bazaars in Damascus in the days of Ahab. In short, there perhaps never was a time when all Jews lived in Palestine. 37 THE MIDDLE EAST After the fall of Samaria, a large portion of the northern Ten Tribes was deported into distant lands. Although the majority of these exiles was sooner or later assimilated by their neighbors (the subsequent legends concerning these Lost Ten Tribes made them ancestors of many nations from the British and Japanese American Indians), a minority doubtless persisted until they were joined by the new deportees from Judea after the of to the From that time on, it appears, Diaspora Jewry always exceeded in number the Jews of Palestine, with the sole fall of Jerusalem.

But only in a loose and inaccurate sense can these large dominions be called empires. No constructive idea, no organization held them together; they were founded on the power relation of the conqueror and the conquered people people ans, always at the The victor's mercy. Persians were the first to create a world empire worthy of that name. Unlike their predecessors, the Achaemenian kings imposed on the conquered neither their religion nor their lan- guage; they did not interfere with any expression of the cultural life of the nations.

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