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Battle Trails of Northumbria by Clive Kristen

By Clive Kristen

This number of nearby conflict tales is delivered to you as an publication in particular formatted by means of Andrews united kingdom for contemporary eReaders. during this first booklet of the 'Battle Trails' sequence, well known nearby author Clive Kristen turns his hand to an exam of the battles that formed Northumbria and past.

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A century later King John visited Corbridge three times following reports of hidden treasure. His men searched the Roman remains without success. Despite this frustration the King did not take his revenge on the town and townsfolk in his customary manner, But William Wallace made up for this oversight. He burned the town in 1296. Robert the Bruce, who also enjoyed a good bonfire, did the same thing in 1312. Not to be outdone in the now firmly established tradition of pyromania King David II ordered a particularly thorough burning in 1346.

The Emperor of the Franks, Charlemagne, intervened personally. He stabilised the situation by creating a close alliance between the Kingdom of Northumbria and the Franks. In doing so he was also demonstrating support for Etheldred’s successors, Osbald and Eardwulf II. A significant battle took place at Corbridge in AD 919 ( although some sources say 918 or 914 ). Aldred, the King of Bernicia, joined forces with Constantine II of Scotland, but was defeated by Raegenwald ( otherwise Ragnald ) a Viking king from Ireland.

And David’s army included the terrifying ‘Picts of Galloway’. Contemporary accounts describe them as ‘bestial men who slaughtered children, raped women and roped up survivors for slaves’. They were also frequently said to be out of control. They were lightly armed with swords, pikes and leather covered shields. These ‘Picts’ were feared skirmishers who King David expected to strike terror into the heart of the enemy. They wore short kilts fetchingly designed to leave their buttocks semi -exposed.

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