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Bergen Belsen Camp: Trial of Josef Kramer and 44 others by Javier Gómez Pérez

By Javier Gómez Pérez


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3, at Belsen whom he recognised as Polanski, an assistant Block Leader of his block in Belsen. The accused tried to get away but was caught. On the 15th April, he clubbed to death a Pole who was too weak to continue dragging bodies. Borman used to beat woman prisoners with a rubber stick. Sala Schiferman, a Jewess from Poland, said that, at Belsen in January or February, 1945, a Hungarian called Eva, aged 18 years, came into kitchen No. When the prisoners protested, the accused said: “I will beat her to death “and beat the victim all over the body.

Paul Cech, a Czech, recognised the photograph of Fritz Mathes as being that of an Unterscharführer and kitchen chief of No. 2 kitchen in Belsen. Two or three died and the witness and others had to take their bodies to a big pit. He estimated that over the period from that incident to the liberation Mathes shot 30 men dead. The orders for the operation were given by the Kommandant of the camp named “Essler,” whom later she identified by photograph as Hoessler. She often beat women with a stick for no reason; she was always brutal to women later when acting as Arbeitsdienst.

The witness first saw him in the concentration camp seven days before the liberation. This accused had no functions, and he and the witness brought food back to the others in the block who were exhausted. 12 together with the witness. Kopper was known to be a camp spy at Auschwitz. There were no roll-calls in Belsen until Kramer came in December, 1944. Kramer started long roll-calls and introduced Auschwitz conditions, which were very strict. Ehlert used to work with Volkenrath at Belsen but the witness had not seen her beat anybody.

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