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Biomechanics for Life: Introduction to Sanomechanics by Mark R. Pitkin

By Mark R. Pitkin

The reader will locate during this publication a brand new method of bettering well-being. the writer has known as this method “sanomechanics,” combining the Latin sanus (healthy, sound) and mechanicus (science of the movement of our bodies subjected to forces). the point of interest of sanomechanics is on exercise with an knowing of the biomechanical results of the activities. This figuring out relies at the author’s idea of the floating skeleton, which postulates a hydraulic connection of synovial joints. the idea explains the better or lesser luck of any workout using the power of the human skeleton to take in and remodel forces and moments from the physique segments and the surroundings. This skill vanishes with age and health problems, and the deeper our knowing of the character of skeletal functioning is, the higher we will be capable to increase, guard, and lengthen the skeleton’s health.

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With the gap junction scenario, new methods have to be developed for visualizing this structure, since the current method of choice used in investigating orthopedic objects, magnetic resonance imaging (MRI), may not be adequate for the task. 5 Future Verification or the Gap Junction Scenario 19 different soft tissues like ligaments, tendons, and muscles in addition to detecting bone tissues like X-rays. The techniques of MRI are based on capturing the spatial distribution of protons passing through live tissues in the external magnetic and radio frequency fields.

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