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BRS Gross Anatomy (6th Edition) (Board Review Series) by Harold M. Chung, Kyung Won Chung

By Harold M. Chung, Kyung Won Chung

Now in its 6th version, BRS Gross Anatomy is a main direction evaluation and textbook for clinical scholars in first-year anatomy classes. Written in concise, bulleted define layout, this article bargains USMLE-style questions with solutions and motives on the finish of every bankruptcy and in an end-of-book accomplished examination. different positive factors contain approximately one hundred fifty two-color illustrations, 50 radiologic scientific pictures, medical Correlations packing containers, end-of-chapter summaries, and muscle tables. New to this version are highlighted "Development Checks" sections on embryology. Terminology has been up to date to comply to Terminologia Anatomica.

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A. Skin Is the largest organ of the body and consists of the epidermis , a superficial layer of stratified epithelium that develops from ectoderm, and the d e r m i s , a deeper layer of connective tissue that develops largely from mesoderm. The dermis contains downgrowths from the epidermis, such as hairs and glands, and the epidermis is an avascular keratinized layer of stratified squamous epithelium that is thickest on the palms and the soles. Just deep to the skin lies a fatty layer called t h e hypodermis.

Supraglenoid and infraglenoid tubercles Provide origins for the tendons of the long heads of the biceps brachii and triceps brachii muscles, respectively. C. Humerus (see Figure 2-1) 1. Head Has a smooth, rounded, articular surface and articulates with the scapula at the glenohumeral joint. 2. Anatomic neck Is an indentation distal to the head of the humerus and provides for the attachment of the fibrous joint capsule. 3. Greater tubercle Lies just lateral to the anatomic neck and provides attachments for the supraspinatus, infraspinatus, and teres minor muscles.

This nerve may be compressed in a groove behind the medial epicondyle “funny bone ,― causing numbness. 9. Trochlea Is the medial articular surface, shaped like a spool, and articulates with the trochlear of the ulna . 10. notch Capitulum Is the lateral articular surface, globular in shape, and articulates with the head of the radius. 21 11. Olecranon fossa Is a posterior depression above the trochlea of the humerus that houses the o l e c r a n o n of the ulna on full extension of the forearm.

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