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The conquest of the ocean : the illustrated history of by Brian Lavery

By Brian Lavery

An enthralling story spanning 5,000 years of the oceans' background, The Conquest of the Ocean tells the tales of the outstanding people who sailed seas, for exchange, to overcome new lands, to discover the unknown.

From the early Polynesians to the 1st circumnavigations by way of the Portuguese and the British, those are awe-inspiring stories of epic sea voyages concerning nice feats of seamanship, navigation, persistence, and ingenuity. discover the lives and maritime adventures, many with first-person narratives of land seekers and globe charters resembling Christopher Columbus, Captain James cook dinner, and Vitus Bering.

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This particular vessel was owned by Abu al-Zahr al-Batkhati, a prominent Persian merchant from Siraf, a port on the northern side of the Persian Gulf. The ship had set sail for Canton, carrying “men from China, India, Persia and the islands,” many having rented two cabins; one for living in and one for storage, although there was also a hold for cargo. The ship had two masts—a main mast set forward of the center of the ship, and a smaller mizzen mast aft. Each mast was supported by moveable stays, rather than the fixed shrouds of western ships, and each carried a lateen sail, whose peaks could be raised some way above the mast.

All those in the castle were drowned and lost. But the Spanish ship was not the only vessel damaged in the collision. The seams between the planks of the Cog Thomas opened and she began to take on water. ” and soon another vessel drew near and the knights snared it with grappling hooks and chains: The English royal knights made strenuous efforts to take the ship they had grappled with because their own… was in danger of foundering as she had taken in so much water. At last the King and his crew fought so well that the Spanish ship was taken and everyone on board her was thrown over the side.

In the 13th century, the Arabs had received the compass from the Chinese, so they were less dependent on the stars for navigation. 46–51), and he lived to be one of the greatest navigators of his day. In 1490, he wrote an encyclopedia of navigational lore called the Book of Useful Information on the Principles and Rules of Navigation, which became a standard text for navigators for centuries to come. 43 44 T H E F IR ST OCEA N SA ILOR S TO 145 0 Finding the Way In order to navigate at sea with any accuracy, sailors needed to know exactly in which direction they were sailing.

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