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C# COM+ Programming by Derek Beyer

By Derek Beyer

C# COM+ Programming is a must have for builders already operating with COM+ who're able to transition to the .NET Platform. it is possible for you to to take your present talents as a COM+ part programmer into the .NET Framework quick and simply.

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This tag allows us to turn off or turn on the CLR’s QFE policy. In our example, we have set this tag to “no,” which tells the CLR not to use assemblies that have greater build or revision numbers. If we omit this tag or set it to “yes,” the CLR loads the assembly that has the greatest build and/or revision number. Finally, the Originator tag represents the assembly creator’s public key that has been used to sign the assembly. The safe mode section of the configuration file tells the CLR whether or not it should use only assemblies the application is compiled against.

If the interface is not cached, the RCW calls IUnknown->QueryInterface to see if the COM object supports the interface. If the requested interface does not exist, the runtime raises an exception. NET clients to gain references to interfaces the underlying COM object does not support. F 28 8/31/01 8:09 AM Page 28 Part I: Interoperating with COM Maintaining COM Object Lifetime In Chapter 1, we discuss the non-deterministic finalization problem. NET is not necessarily destroyed when it is set to null or goes out of scope.

The JIT compiler is responsible for performing a much more thorough verification process than the Class Loader performs. The JIT verification process ensures that only legal operations are performed against a class. It also ensures that the type being referenced is compatible with the type being accessed. ToString() is being called for an instance of CFoo. The JIT compiler also checks memory access at this point. The JIT does not allow a class to reference memory that the class is not supposed to access.

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