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Carl Friedrich von Weizsäcker: Major Texts in Physics by Michael Drieschner

By Michael Drieschner

This e-book provides a set of texts by way of the German physicist and thinker Carl Friedrich von Weizsäcker (1912-2007), to be used in seminars at the historical past, epistemology and constitution of physics. so much texts seem in English for the 1st time. Weizsäcker turned recognized via his works in physics, almost always within the early improvement of nuclear physics. Later he might additionally turn into renowned as a thinker and analyst of up to date tradition. Texts contain the unique guides of the “Weizsäcker-Bethe formulation” of nuclear plenty and the “Bethe-Weizsäcker cycle,” and is the reason the resource of strength within the solar; either have been built via Bethe while and independently of Weizsäcker. additional texts care for Weizsäcker’s clarification of the beginning of planets, his rationalization of the “time arrow” in Statistical Mechanics and his analyses of Quantum Mechanics and the constitution of physics in general.

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How large, now, may one imagine the first conglomeration to have been? Theory does not set any upper limit on its mass, and our imagination has the liberty to conceive not just the Milky Way but the whole cosmos known to us as united within it. One can even draw an empirical fact into the field in support of this speculation. The energy released by nuclear reactions is about 1 % of the energy of matter at rest and conveys to the nuclei on average a velocity of order of magnitude of a tenth of the speed of light.

To be able to obtain a more accurate prediction, one would have to be able to describe the explosion process quantitatively. 1 First Part 1. The assumption that all known chemical elements were formed and are still forming in the presently existing stars is abandoned; for the following reasons: 2. The heavier elements, according to Paper I, would have to be built up by neutrons whose generation is necessarily connected with the formation of 28 Milne (1933). 28 2 On Elementary Transmutations in the Interior of Stars: Paper II (1937) helium.

According to Kepler’s third law, this matter generally does not have the same orbital velocity around the Sun as the planet. 2 Kant’s Theory 39 travel faster than it; the matter coming from the outside must travel slower than the planet. If moons are formed out of such matter revolving around the planets, they must obviously always overtake the planets on the inside and must lag behind on the outside, that is, when they are farther away than it from the Sun. In actual fact the moons rotate in the opposite sense.

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