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Chest Radiology: PreTest Self- Assessment and Review by Juzar Ali, Warren G. Summer

By Juzar Ali, Warren G. Summer

Now up-to-date to mirror the USMLE Step 2 examination, with better emphasis on case shows and diagnostic abilities. nearly four hundred new medical vignettes with accompanying questions (500 questions in all)--now that includes multiplied solutions referenced to prime textbooks or magazine articles. Reviewed through McGraw-Hill's scientific scholar Advisory Committee to make sure simulation of the USMLE test-taking adventure.

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C. d. High rheumatoid factor titers Positive C-ANCA Increased ACE levels Clubbing Cavitary Lesions Fig. 13 41 42 Chest Radiology 23. A 60-year-old man with a history of COPD and old TB is seen with mild hemoptysis and chronic cough. He is HIV negative and has been ill for about 2 wk. Vital signs: pulse 110 bpm; temperature 101°F; respirations 24/min; blood pressure 108/70 mm Hg. No skin lesions are noted. 3 mEq/L. 37; PCO2 43 mm Hg; PO2 87 mm Hg. Sputum tests reveal numerous AFBpositive organisms on smear.

ABGs reveal PaO2 of 59 mm Hg on room air. CXR is shown in Fig. 12. 19. What is the most likely diagnosis? a. b. c. d. Pneumococcal pneumonia PCP pneumonia Lung abscess Squamous cell carcinoma 20. What is the next step in management of this patient? a. b. c. d. Give antibiotics to cover mixed aerobic and anaerobic infection Determine serum LDH level Perform immediate bronchoscopy Give antibiotics to cover community-acquired pneumonia Cavitary Lesions Fig. 12 39 40 Chest Radiology Items 21–22 A 50-year-old woman is seen with symptoms of progressive dyspnea and cough productive of yellow sputum mixed with blood.

A. b. c. d. CT scan of the chest Thyroid function tests Bone marrow aspiration for culture Thoracoscopic lung biopsy Multiple Pulmonary Nodules Fig. 5 17 18 Chest Radiology Items 10–11 10. Based on the CXR shown in Fig. 6, all of the following may be helpful in the diagnosis except a. b. c. d. Occupational history Sputum for AFB Sputum for fungus History of rheumatic fever 11. This patient’s occupational history reveals exposure to iron ore, asphalt, and dust related to working on loading docks for 10 years.

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