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The Comparative Biology of Aging by Norman S. Wolf

By Norman S. Wolf

Cover replica: Wolf, Norman (ed.), The Comparative Biology of Aging

The techniques of getting older and loss of life stay probably the most interesting, and mysterious, components of organic learn. large anomalies among species elevate questions the solutions to that can have primary implications for the sector of clinical technology. As scientists liberate the secrets and techniques of the quite long-lived little brown bat (up to 34 years), or the typical Budgerigar which regardless of having a metabolic cost 1.5 occasions that of a laboratory mouse, can stay for as much as two decades, it has turn into extra very important than ever in order to make a comparative research of some of the species utilized in research.

Dealing with each one of the species which are hired in laboratory learn, this is often the 1st ebook with regards to getting older that gives particular comparative information for age-related alterations in its topics. It does so on the point of the complete animal, its organs, organelles and molecules. The comparative facts, provided in 15 chapters through top specialists, offers info on fields as disparate as telomere functionality and loss, the significance of the Sirtuins and Tor, the effect of hormones on lifespans, the connection among physique measurement and lifespan, the consequences of limited calorific consumption, age-related adjustments in mobile replication, and DNA harm and service. Chapters are dedicated to cardiac getting older, comparative skeletal muscle getting older, the getting older of the fearful and immune structures, the comparative biology of lyosomal functionality and the way it's tormented by age, and plenty of different key parts of research.

This much-needed textual content will supply scientists operating in a large spectrum of fields with key information to assist them of their studies.

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