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Contemporary Morphology by Wolfgang U Dressler

By Wolfgang U Dressler

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The drift of a language involves the actualization of patterns that are coherent in just this sense and the rejection of those that are not (Shapiro 1985; cf. Plank 1979, 1981; Andersen 1980b: 203). Rules are more than mere generalized formulas of patterns when they embody specifications of coherence between linguistic elements, namely cohesions between units and contexts. This criterion of rule coherence remains true and valid but practically vague without the necessary involvement of markedness because it is markedness that provides the explicit means of expressing coherence.

Andersen 1972: 45, n. 22). The careful analysis in Vachek (1976) supports the claim that English has distinctive protensity and not voicing. Battistella (1990) recapitulates his earlier analysis of these constructions and embeds it in a much wider framework with many further examples. For an extended attempt to cross-pollinate naturalist ideas about grammar with Peircean semiotic, see Dressier (1985: Chap. 10); cf. also Dressler (et al. 1987). On a universal criterion of rule coherence 33 References Andersen, Henning 1966 Tenues and mediae in the Slavic languages: A historical investigation [Unpublished Ph.

In Spencer (1988a), I have argued that Czech presents a counterexample in that a morphological process selects a derived allomorph on the first cycle, before any phonology has had a chance to apply. Somewhat modifying Lieber's original proposals, I argue, following Booij —Rubach (1987), that there are three types of phonological processes: cyclic lexical, postcyclic lexical, and postlexical (phrase level). 1 It is not difficult to recode a rewriting rule of the form A —> Β / X as a set of allomorphy statements plus selectional statements.

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