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Costa Rica - Eyewitness Travel Guide by Christopher P. Baker

By Christopher P. Baker

Страна удивительной красоты, Коста-Рика, омываемая двумя океанами, может похвастаться более чем десятью климатическими зонами. Здесь вы сможете таять от удовольствия в горячих источниках у подножия величественного вулкана Ареналь, прогуливаться по заповеднику Monte-verde Cloud woodland, потягивать кофе на плантации, а затем наблюдать, как солнце садится в воды Тихого океана, стоя у самой кромки воды. Чего еще можно желать? Этот путеводитель проведет вас не только по протоптанным туристами тропам, он заставит почувствовать пульсирующее сердце страны. Чего бы вы ни ожидали, этот центральноамериканский рай наверняка вас удивит! Voted most sensible advisor ebook by way of father or mother and Observer readers.# choked with pictures, illustrations and maps.# The flavours of Costa Rica, sector by way of region.# In-depth beneficial properties on panorama and wildlife.# large collection of lodges and restaurants.# cover excursions, climbing, water activities and golf.# Scenic routes and thematic excursions.

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Activities range from art shows and lectures to musical performances and beauty pageants. Día de la Independencia (Sep 15). Costa Rica’s independence from Spain in 1821 is celebrated nationwide with street festivities, topes, and school marching bands. (Columbus Day; Oct 12) Navidad (Christmas Day) Orosi Colonial Tourist Fair (mid-Sep). Cultural events and exhibits celebrate the region’s colonial heritage. OCTOBER Carnaval (2nd week) Puerto Limón. Ticos flock to the coast for a vibrant, no-holdsbarred, Caribbean-style Mardi Gras with parade floats, street fairs, live reggae and calypso music, and beauty pageants (see p165).

Dirt roads with river fordings are more easily passed, although off-road driving can kick up billowing clouds of dust. However, this is peak season throughout the nation, with high prices and fully booked hotels and car rentals. (Dec 8), Boruca. The indigenous Boruca peoples celebrate their traditions with costumed dancing and drum and flute music. Fiesta de la Yegüita (Dec 12), Nicoya. The Festival of the Little Mare recalls a Chorotega legend and blends Indian and Catholic rituals. Villagers carry an image of La Virgen de Guadalupe in procession, and there are corridas de toros (bull runs), as well as fireworks and concerts (see p142).

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