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DarkBASIC Pro Game Programming, Second Edition by Jonathan S. Harbour, Joshua R. Smith

By Jonathan S. Harbour, Joshua R. Smith

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For instance, look at this example code: if shiftkey() dec py2, 2 if py2 < 0 then py2 = 0 endif DarkBASIC Professional The lines between if . . endif are indented so that it’s easy to see that these lines of code are only executed if the if statement comes up with a true answer. I realize you have not been properly introduced to any of these concepts yet. Don’t worry about these details; I will fully explain them in the chapters to come. Without any comments, blank spaces, or indenting, the program would look like this: ballx as integer = 320 bally as integer = 240 speedx as integer = À2 speedy as integer = 1 px1 as integer = 600 py1 as integer = 240 px2 as integer = 20 py2 as integer = 240 score1 as integer = 0 score2 as integer = 0 sync on sync rate 40 do cls if shiftkey() dec py2, 2 if py2 < 0 then py2 = 0 endif if controlkey() inc py2, 2 if py2 > 470 then py2 = 470 endif if upkey() dec py1, 2 if py1 < 0 then py1 = 0 endif if downkey() inc py1, 2 if py1 > 470 then py1 = 470 endif inc ballx, speedx inc bally, speedy if bally < 0 or bally > 470 then speedy = speedy * À1 if ballx < 0 15 16 Chapter 1 n Computer Programming with DarkBASIC Professional inc score2, 1 ballx = 320 bally = 240 speedx = 2 sleep 500 endif if ballx > 630 inc score1, 1 ballx = 320 bally = 240 speedx = À2 sleep 500 endif circle ballx, bally, 10 box px1, py1, px1þ16, py1þ64 box px2, py2, px2þ16, py2þ64 if point(ballxþ5,ballyþ5) > 0 speedx = speedx * À1 endif text 0, 0, "SCORE " þ str$(score1) text 550, 0, "SCORE " þ str$(score2) sync loop Are you surprised by how bad the code listing looks?

Even that technology is in its infancy today, as neural science is making great strides every year, performing miracles such as bringing sight to the blind and hearing to the deaf. Progress in this field of science might startle you. For an example, look up the BrainGate Neural Interface System being developed by Cyberkinetics Neurotechnology Systems, Inc. com. This company is working with the Rehabilitation Institute of Chicago to develop solutions for disabled and handicapped people, making it possible for them to control robotic limbs directly with their brains, just as we control our arms and legs.

You have probably been amazed and curious while playing the latest games. By the time you’ve finished reading this chapter, you’ll have a much better understanding of programming and have a solid grasp on the answer! What I can tell you at this point is that it’s a gradual process. First you learn the basics, and then you practice while learning more techniques, and with some diligence you will learn how the pros work their magic. Over time you will gain the experience needed to become an expert programmer, but you must invest a lot of time in studying and practicing your programming skills, learning new languages and tricks along the way.

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