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Diagnostic Imaging Genitourinary by Tublin et al.

By Tublin et al.

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The perirenal septa also act as conduits for fluid or infiltrative disease, including tumor, to enter or leave the perirenal space. Perirenal fluid may represent blood, urine, or pus or may be simulated by inflammation of the perirenal fat. Hemorrhage is often due to trauma, but may occur due to anticoagulation, rupture of a renal tumor, or vasculitis. Pus or inflammation usually originates from acute pyelonephritis, which may be associated with an abscess. Perirenal urine ("urinoma") may result from trauma with laceration through the renal collecting system, but it usually resolves rapidly unless there is an obstruction to the flow of urine to the bladder.

Right) Axial T2WI MR in the same patient (16 days after the initial NECT) shows a reduction in size and high signal intensity of the retroperitoneal hematoma ſt due to the late subacute phase of the blood products. 29 Retroperitoneum Postoperative Lymphocele KEY FACTS • Well-marginated, simple cystic lesion with thin wall in extraperitoneal pelvis or retroperitoneum of postoperative patient • Commonly located along iliac vessels, inguinal region, and paraaortic retroperitoneum • CECT: Typically unilocular but may contain few, thin septa; no mural nodule or enhancement ○ Mural calcification and internal fat are rare findings • MR: Homogeneous low SI on T1WI; high SI on T2WI; no contrast enhancement or restricted diffusion ○ MR lymphangiography: Allows specific diagnosis of lymphocele • US: Marginated, anechoic lesion with through transmission; occasional septa ○ May have internal echoes or layering debris if infected TOP DIFFERENTIAL DIAGNOSES • Other pelvic cystic masses (Left) Graphic shows a male patient who has had a radical prostatectomy, which includes extensive pelvic node dissection.

Spread to lymph nodes or hematogenous spread through the renal vein and inferior vena cava may occur and constitute important elements of the imaging and staging of this tumor. Anterior Pararenal Space Disease within the anterior pararenal space is common. For example, acute pancreatitis results in peripancreatic infiltration ± fluid collections that spread throughout the anterior pararenal space, often affecting the duodenum and ascending and descending colon segments that share this anatomic compartment.

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