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Discourse on Colonialism by Aime Cesaire, Robin D.G. Kelley

By Aime Cesaire, Robin D.G. Kelley

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Brent Hayes Edwards, "Ethnics of Surrealism," Transition 78 ( 1 999), pp. 1 32-34. 14. ," in Tropiques, vol. I , ed. by Aime Cesaire [facsimile reproduction] (paris: Editions Jean-Michel Place, 1 978). 1 5, Pallister, Aime Ctsaire, pp. 29-33. 16. , Refusal ofthe Shadow, pp. 1 34- 1 4 5 . 1 7. , pp. 36-37; Maurice Nadeau, The History ofSurrealism, trans. by Richard Howard (Cambridge: Belknap Press of Harvard University Press, 1 989, orig. 1 944), p. 1 1 7; "M urderous H umanitarianism," reprinted in &tee Traitor--Speciallssue-­ Surrealism: Revolution Against Whiteness 9 (Summer 1 998), pp.

This was really one of the first works in which an author know of them. But I'm sure they are parallel movements. spoke of the Negro and gave him a certain literary dignity. -that recognized the cul- States created an atmosphere that was indispensable for a very tural particularities ofAfrica? clear coming to consciousness. : A. : I believe that at that time in the history of the world there was a came under three main influences, roughly speaking. The first coming to consciousness among Negroes, and this manifested was the French literary influence, through the works of Mal­ itself in movements that had no relationship to each other.

Mannoni, faithful to his premises, will explain to you that that is purely neurotic behavior, a collective madness, a running amok; that, moreover, in this case it was not a question of the Madagascans' setting out to conquer real objectives but an "imaginary security," which obviously implies that the the paternal authority, "manly protest," or Adlerian inferiority--ordeals oppression of which they complain is an imaginary oppression. So through which the European must pass and which are like civilized clearly, so insanely imaginary, that one might even speak of forms .

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