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Julio Cortazar by Harold Bloom

By Harold Bloom

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The Cambridge Companion to the Spanish Novel: From 1600 to the Present (Cambridge Companions to Literature)

Offering the improvement of the trendy Spanish novel from 1600 to the current, this better half attracts at the mixed legacies of Don Quijote and the traditions of the picaresque novel. Essays specialize in invention and scan and think about the function performed through old occasions and cultural contexts within the Spanish novel's evolution.

Filosofía de la cultura

El término «cultura» parece haberse convertido en recientes años en un término inflacionario, de modo que todo es cultura, y todas las disciplinas se aplican a los angeles cultura. Las contribuciones al presente volumen de l. a. Enciclopedia IberoAmericana de Filosofía ayudan a acotar el término, haciéndose shipment de su historia, de su complejidad analítica, y de los problemas específicos que surgen al hablar de cultura teniendo en cuenta a interlocutores europeos, mexicanos, peruanos, and so on.

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“While the U. S. immigration ‘debate’ turns strident in media circles, Caminero-Santangelo intervenes with a decision to learn conscientiously the extra advanced tales that outline us as human and humane. ”—Debra A. Castillo, coeditor of Mexican Public Intellectuals   “This insightful examine brings jointly Latino fiction, journalistic books, and autobiographical bills to think about how undocumented individuals are portrayed within the wake of restrictive immigration guidelines.

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LR 57). The general affirmation from the time of Rayuela is still basically valid: ‘Historical results like Marxism or whatever you like may be achieved, but the Yonder is not exactly history’ (R 509). What Fuentes has called the ‘tragicomic’6 case of Padilla constitutes an important crisis in Cortázar’s theoretical position. Padilla was arrested in 1971 by the Cuban authorities for anti-revolutionary attitudes: pessimism, escapism, individualism, etc. His autocrítica brought a strong reaction from left-wing writers in Latin America and Europe.

To begin with, as Cortázar himself has emphasized on many occasions, his Ariadne gives Theseus the clew only in order to free the Minotaur, once the monster has killed the hero. ”7 Instead of a triumph, Cortázar’s version offers a mutual defeat: Theseus’s quest leads not to heroic distinction, but to indifferentiation. The Minotaur, who would represent such indifferentiation and thus be the victor, is dead. Theseus’s pursuit of individuation is thwarted from the start: he constantly recognizes himself in others, not only in the Minotaur, but also in Minos.

It is, of course, at the center of that maze that Marcus and the Nubian retiarius stage their combat. As in Los reyes, there is no victory at the end of “All Fires the Fire,” but rather a mutual annihilation. The fight between the Nubian retiarius and the gladiator is resolved when both fall dead upon each other in the sand. The mutual killing and the sand, which suggests the desert, prefigure the fire that kills everyone at the end, the fire that destroys the arena and which also levels the apartment building where, centuries later, Roland and Irene have fallen asleep on each other, like the dead gladiators, after making love.

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